Saturday, July 9, 2011

Catalog Models with Natural Hair

I've noticed a pattern in my online shopping habits. If a black woman is wearing a particular item of clothing, it makes me pay more attention to it. And if she has natural hair, I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside my chest like I am not a freak of nature but a catalog-worthy beauty, wild mane and all.

Here are some examples of natural beauties rocking the pages of online catalogs.

Check out this Venus vixen. So chic!

I first noticed this model a couple years ago and wrote Gap a big thank you!

Light skinned and still able to embrace her literal roots for Nordstrom. Sweet!

Forever 21 has this fierce model on its front page, though I can't find her actually modeling anything.

Well, catalog world, it's a start! Do any of my readers have more naturally nappy model findings to share?

-- Shannon Luders-Manuel


  1. I've always thought of "natural" as meaning "didn't require a lot of time and product". If you could have curls like those ladies naturally, why would you ever straighten it?! For fun and something different, maybe. That's why I straighten my hair sometimes. I'd hesitate, however, to call any hair in a magazine ad "natural". heh. ;) How are you preferring your hair these days, Shan?

  2. In the case of black/biracial hair, "natural" can require a lot of time and product. :) But it's free of chemical straightening agents and it's all from your own head.

    My hair is the same as it's been for awhile -- super curly and big! :) I'd love to see your hair straight sometime for the contrast of how it normally is.