Wednesday, May 23, 2012

You Know You Have Black Natural Hair When...

1. Your extra-strength hair bands don't last long.

2. You have a sweatshirt just for wearing while you comb out your hair.

3. You don't wash your hair for a date.

4. The longer you go before washing it again, the healthier it is.
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5. Strangers respond to your hair as if it were a cute baby or a puppy.

6. When you book your stylist appointment you make sure she sets aside 3 hours just for you.

7. Your stylist often needs backup in order to get through your 3-hour appointment on time.

8. You laugh when your non-black female friend hands you her wire hairbrush.

9. You wouldn't need a wig to be Marge Simpson for Halloween.

10. Your hair works in the ratio of miles to inches: Miles of straight = inches of curly.

11. Your nightly twists take a full episode of [insert your favorite TV show here].

12. Caps and hats often don't fit your head.

13. An earring can get lost in your hair for hours before falling on the kitchen floor.

14. Your black friends insist that if they went natural their hair would never look like yours.

15. When your black friends do go natural it's like coming out of the closet -- liberating and tremendously exciting.

16. You have a facebook album dedicated solely to your natural hair journey, and this album gets the most responses.

17. You would consider spending $200 for an Ouidad cut.

18. You and female strangers bond over your mutual "awkward childhood afro phase" and "chemically-treated singed straight hair phase."

19. You wish Michelle Obama would go natural but understand why she can't.

20. You wouldn't have your hair any other way.

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  1. I've been wearing my hair natural for over a year now and I love it. It's who I am. I start off with 2 strand twist wearing that for about 4 weeks maybe 5, then I wear the untwist for about 3 weeks the older my hair is the better it looks to me. I have lots of gray hairs mainly in the front I feel much better with my semi color, it makes me feel better.