Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Garnier Girls

Is it just me, or do the women of Garnier Fructis commercials have better hair before they "use the product"? Here is an example, not of one I've seen on TV, but of one I found on youtube:

We seem to have two parallel trends going on right now in fashion. One is a continuation of straight haired women being pressured to iron their hair even straighter, and the other is a comeback of big hair on the trendsetting platform of the runway. Granted, neither straight hair nor curly hair is better than the other. But in my opinion Garnier would be better off to show women with a lot more distressed hair in their "before" footage. Healthy hair, like a healthy body, should always be the goal no matter what form it comes in.

Women of the world: let's celebrate our curls!

--Shannon Luders-Manuel


  1. i think her hair looked great!! it was curly not frizzy at all. OF course, if you run a brush through curly hair, Frizzyness is inevitable!
    I love my curls.. they aren't better than straight hair but definitely by no means inferior!
    Curls rock!

  2. You're so right. The curly hair on both of them looked great. It's actually offensive that they are saying this is such a problem.

  3. And is it just me, or does the girl with the curly hair look ethnic, but then when her hair is straight she magically seems to turn white?

  4. There's been a commercial on the radio here in my town promoting the keratin blow outs. In it, they group curly hair with everything else. It says something like, "are you tired of your poofy, frizzy, etc unhealthy CURLY hair..." I was furious!

  5. Uggh. That's awkward. Their hair wasn't at all frizzy - just curly! It looked beautiful! I wish my hair could curl. ;P